Work-in-progress -collaborative film project with Skye based crofter Cheryl McIntyre. 

Two women at work and play, on the Isle of Skye. Filmed over an eighteen month period, this collaborative project documents the undertakings and conversations between crofter Cheryl McIntyre and artist Annie Crabtree. Presented in a multi-screen installation, this collection of short video essays invites the viewer into their friendship. 

Visceral and tactile, a collage of textures bring together all weathers, animals, tasks, tools, and conversations to intersect and interact. Made together, the handheld camera and intimate perspective cultivates an embodied way of working where filming is mixed up in the mud and making of Cheryl’s home. An active exchange between artist and crofter, between two good friends, this work celebrates the mundane and the everyday, resisting romanticisation of a landscape prolific in our imaginations to present this particular lived experience of an inner Hebridean island in the twenty-first century. 

This project is generously supported by Glasgow City Council through the Glasgow Visual Artists and Craft Maker Award.

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