Artist Statement

updated July 2017

I am an artist, researcher and producer based in Glasgow. My work explores the complex relationship between people, place and society. I examine these issues through various interwoven formats: academic research; writing; collaboration; video essays; photographs; and projected installations in public spaces. 

I interrogate contemporary and historical societal structures - such as laws and social norms, expectations and representations - that influence people’s movement and agency (across borders, through landscapes, in public spaces, etc). I seek collaborative creative relationships in an attempt to disrupt hierarchical structures that privilege the individual and restrictive definitions of artistic authorship. With a background in public / site specific art and feminist human geography, I am dedicated to interdisciplinary practice that encompasses multiple mediums in order to ask questions about how we understand, construct and perform place and identity.

My recent research has focused on projections in public space, utilising my specialism of transforming shop front windows into screens after dark as co-producer of Picture Window. I examined how these interventions can question how society constructs and performs public space and how we can begin to dismantle the discriminatory structures that (dis)allow equality and access to those spaces. 

Work under development includes collaborative film projects with Skye based crofter Cheryl McIntyre, Central and Eastern European studies academic Ammon Cheskin, and with my mother Jill Powell. 

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