Artist Statement

February 2019

I am an artist based in Glasgow. I work with moving image to examine politics of and on the body. My practice is often research based, situated in theories of feminist geopolitics (the embodiment of politics within everyday lives*) and emotional geographies (understanding of emotion in terms of social and spatial articulation**). My work delves into the space between video diary, documentary and artist moving image, harnessing storytelling and multiple (often contradictory, sometimes complimentary) voices and sources to reflect upon political, social and cultural narratives about women.

Body of Water, my most recent work commissioned for Edinburgh Art Festival, turns the lens upon myself to examine the violation of bodily integrity. The single channel video draws into focus the (mis)representation of female pain and the accompanying breach of self-determination inflicted by medical procedures and social norms - articulated through the use of a voice over quoting multiple and contradictory sources, developing an unreliable narration, combined with imagery of me swimming as a method of harnessing personal agency. Projects currently under development expand upon this theme, delving into women's experience of pain and society's perception of that experience.

*Hyndman, 2000

**Davidson, Bondi & Smith, 2007

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