Artist Statement

February 2021

I am an artist and researcher, filmmaker and geographer based in Glasgow. I am interested in subjectivity versus objectivity in the hierarchy of knowledge(s), politically, socially and culturally. I focus on the production of knowledge(s) within science and medicine, seeking to untangle the ideological positions and emotional drivers that inform knowledge production. 

My practice is based in the use of moving image as both subject and method, situated in theories of feminist geopolitics (the embodiment of politics within everyday lives*) and emotional geographies (understanding of emotion in terms of social and spatial articulation**). I employ the aesthetics of video diary and documentary, layering imagery with voiceovers generated from conversations and borrowed texts, harnessing storytelling and multiple (often contradictory, sometimes complimentary) voices and sources.

My recent films have looked at the construction of medical knowledge(s), pursuing a preoccupation with how medicalised knowledge of the body is informed by (and informs) cultural norms, behaviours and assumptions, particularly in relation to bodies deemed ‘out of place’. Harnessing the representation of the ‘misbehaving’ body as an unreliable narrator and inaccurate witness, I bring this subjectivity into dialogue with the dominance of objectivity in medical discourse and diagnostic narratives. 

My current research looks at the ideological and emotional drivers that inform Antarctic scientific research and exploration (from the Heroic Age to the present day), asking why and how people end up on the Antarctic continent.

On a personal note, I am a queer femme living with chronic illness, experiences of PTSD, medical trauma, anxiety and depression – this positionality informs my work and the way I go about undertaking research.

*Hyndman, 2000

**Davidson, Bondi & Smith, 2007

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