Withins Within

16mm, digitally edited

2022 - present

In post production

Withins Within (working title) depicts the futile pursuit of definitive closure amidst the landscape of my childhood and the reverberations of my familial inheritance. Shot on 16mm on the West Yorkshire moors, at the supposed location of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Withins Within triangulates voice, sound, and landscape to examine grief, intergenerational trauma, addiction, and queer love. Non-linear rhythmic splicing of analogue footage of the inhospitable moorland, prolific with light bleeds and chemical defects, is accompanied by a soundscape of ceaseless, recurring vibrations of manipulated wind and rain combined with driving beats of contemporary pop songs. Evoking the cyclical nature of traumatised memory, visual and audible material lays the groundwork for a poetic voiceover that traverses decades and generations, tenses and dialect, to ask: what does it mean to love that which feels most akin? A pursuit of identity and belonging, Withins Within confronts the disjointedness between a determination to embrace, accept, and forgive, and the desire to find catharsis in giving voice to pain, loss, and remorse. 

Captions and audio description will be woven into the fabric of the new work.


Annie Crabtree – Artist & Director

Emma M. Wierda – Writer & Dramaturg

Alexander Hetherington – Director of Photography

Char Bickley – Sound Designer

Sarah Perks – Mentor

Mathew Wayne Parkin – Consultant

Seth Hannah – Writing Consultant

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Access for teaser video

Sensory content note: fast paced flashing imagery with glitching at 00:05 – 00:07 (two seconds).

Two versions of this teaser are available: one with captions, one with audio description. You are welcome to watch them in any order, or pick one, whichever suits your preferences – there is no ‘master’ version of the teaser video.

Captions and AD script for teaser video written by Annie Crabtree & Emma M. Wierda. Audio Description performed by Emma M. Wierda.

Image description of thumbnail: a colour still of 16mm footage, black columns flank either side of the analogue square. Auburn light bleeds through thin oval outlines hovering in the top and bottom left hand corner, the silhouette of the film sprockets. A claustrophobic close up of luminescent green heather. Jagged textures criss cross the image with darker greens and browns behind the small reaching branches of the heather plant. In the foreground, the plants are out of focus, revealing sharper textures behind. A spotlight illuminates the heather at the centre of the image. 

'Withins Within' teaser, 54 seconds, with closed captions.


'Withins Within' teaser, 1 minute and 27 seconds, with audio description.

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